Isabella and Guy of Gisborne = large amounts of sibling rivaly.

Isabella and Guy of Gisborne. I don’t think they liked each other much.

2B pencil, water-soluble graphite pencil on paper, and then into Photoshop (I think, or even Corel Painter? – I did this five years ago) for putting in the background grey colour, and for some skin-smoothing, plus a bit of texture in their hair.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Watercolours and pen & ink on paper, 2009. A little painting of one of the beautiful Lipstick maples in my garden. It’s usually the first to turn red in autumn.

Lord of the Rings, FOTR ACEO cards, Bilbo’s 111th Birthday.


Some ACEO miniature art cards from 2007.

Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings.

Guy of Gisborne painting sequence pictures.

Sir Guy of Gisborne on the Steps of Nottingham Castle.

Sir Guy of Gisborne on the Steps of Nottingham Castle.

Robin Hood painting sequence pics.

Robin Hood – Jonas Armstrong – acrylic and watercolour painting.


Lord of the Rings, FOTR, Hobbiton Hills.

Hobbiton Hills.

Gandalf and Frodo ride into towards Bag End on the day of Bilbo’s party.

Acrylic paints on canvas board, 30 x 38 cm. 2007.





Opal Painting.

My attempt at painting a picture of an opal. Acrylic paints on 13 x 18 cm watercolour paper.