2014-04-21smallI am a semi-professional Australian artist who enjoys painting and drawing many subjects: faces, landscapes, flowers, fan-art featuring The Lord of the Rings movies – 2001 to 2003 and BBC TV Robin Hood series – 2006 to 2008.

Traditional media: paper, stretched canvases and ACEO-sized cards (miniature artworks) with acrylic paints, watercolours and water-soluble graphite pencils.

Digital art: Wacom tablet and stylus with Photoshop CS5 and Corel Painter 11.

That’s me, taking a photo in the mirror. What a goober (as they say in the classics.  i.e. Mr Darcy possibly once said to Mr Bingley: “You might be as even-tempered as a sloth and as happy as a pig at its dinner trough, Bingley, but upon my honour, if you aren’t also the biggest goober in Christendom, I’ll eat my hat.”)

I also like craft-work, photography, gardening, photographing my garden, and attempting to play songs by The Who and Led Zeppelin, etc. really badly on my two pretend Gibson SG guitars (no-name and Epiphone) but not at the same time.

My Epiphone SG. The no-name brand one has been banished to the back of the cabinet.Epiphone Gibson SG

I’ve also had a lifelong interest in science. In fact, my dad had me tagged for science studies from a very early age. He almost had second thoughts when I nearly set fire to the laundry with an experiment from my chemistry set. I’d hoped to study chemistry at uni with the aim of going into the brown coal industry in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was not great at the mathematics side of the subject. These days the word ‘Mole’ still has the power to deeply disgust me.

01. Mole's Intervention. Apologies to K G & E S. Anne-Louise P. 2014.small

                                                              Botany and Geology are far more interesting anyway.

Well-known Scottish geologist and BBC presenter, Professor Iain Stewart. Unfinished artwork by me: water-soluble graphite drawing scanned into Photoshop for colouring. If I finish this picture, I’ll post it under ‘Geology and Botany’, possibly in a sub-category: Scottish Geology Professor Artwork.

Prof Iain Stewart. How to Grow a Planet.

Prof Iain Stewart. How to Grow a Planet.


A well-known botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Artwork not by me. There will be no category titled Swedish Botanist Artwork on this site.


I love taking photos of my garden too. I don’t have a category for these. I’m sticking posts about my garden into Geology and Botany for now.

Japanese maple 2.

Japanese maple.



If you’d like to contact me with any questions or comments about my art, please send an email to:  katie@dcsi.net.au

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  1. Anne, your work is so beautiful!! I love your LOTR art esp. the picture of Frodo happily reading a book in his beloved Shire ❤ Do you have a facebook page I can follow to see more of your artwork? Cheers,


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