Professor Iain Stewart Painting.

Professor Iain Stewart of Plymouth University lectures at UNSW, Sydney, July 2014 – Acrylic paints on canvas. It’s an unusual angle for a portrait but it’s an audience member’s view of him. I took a quite a lot of photos during the evening, mostly without a flash, so many turned out very yellow/orange due to the plywood backdrop, as you will see from the photos at the bottom of this page. The painting is an amalgam of two photos taken during question-time after Professor Stewart’s Scientia Award lecture. I wanted to try to paint his hand as well – for the challenge. I enjoy painting shiny things, so I was able to incorporate his wedding ring and his sleeve buttons in this painting too. I have made his hand a fraction too small as I didn’t want it overwhelm his face in this composition.

Photos of the painting from pencil sketch to finished picture.


Our oak tree in winter. June 2015.

More autumn trees in my garden. May 2015.

Lots of sunny autumn mornings in May inspired a few sessions of backyard photography, featuring several of my deciduous trees, some tomatoes, and a robin.

Autumnal trees in my back yard. April 2015.

I have a large garden in Australia. There are three main parts to the garden: The Arboretum – we like to call it that, but it’s actually just a small former sheep paddock into which we’ve crammed as many trees as possible; the riparian area, which can only be planted with indigenous species; and the main garden that’s visible from the house, with the lawns, shrubs, roses, perennials, veggie beds, and more trees. I planted most of these deciduous trees between 2001 and 2003. The orchard, the gum trees, the cypresses, and some of the poplars were already there when we bought the property in March, 2000.

Professor Iain Stewart Swims with Jellyfish on Palau.

This picture is based on Professor Iain Stewart’s swim with the golden jellyfish at Palau. An amazing sight! From the BBC’s ‘Earth: The Power of the Planet.’  Acrylic paints on 46 x 60cm stretched canvas. February, 2014. I wanted to try painting an undersea scene or two a few months ago and was looking for inspiration. Around the same time, I happened to be watching ‘Earth: The Power of the Planet’, presented by Professor Stewart. There was an episode called ‘Oceans’ in which he did a fair amount of underwater swimming. The shots of him with thousands of jellyfish in Palau were spectacular. It was fun doing all the jellyfish with different amounts of light passing through their transparent bodies. The painting is on my wall now. It’s quite nice to look at because of the shades of blue.

I met Professor Stewart at UNSW Australia on July 11th, 2014. What a great lecturer and thoroughly nice person he is. He kindly autographed this cushion cover for me. Prof Iain Stewart autographed cushion.

Here’s a small water-soluble graphite pencil sketch of him I did in April 2014, with a couple of close-ups.  I used a screen-capture from one of the episodes of ‘Making Scotland’s Landscape.’ Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.3 Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.2 Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.1

Autumn Blaze Maple

Watercolours and pen & ink on paper, 2009. A little painting of one of the beautiful Lipstick maples in my garden. It’s usually the first to turn red in autumn.

Opal Painting.

My attempt at painting a picture of an opal. Acrylic paints on 13 x 18 cm watercolour paper.