Guy of Gisborne Taking off his Armour.

Guy of Gisborne Taking off his Armour. Anne-Louise P. 2009-2My very first foray into digital painting back in May 2009. I scanned my pencil sketch and brought it up in Corel 3, and then used a Wacom tablet and stylus and about a thousand layers to paint it…About 35 or so, anyway. 😉 Armour is so much fun to do in a digital programme.

I have a larger monitor now; it’s much better for doing digital art!

Guy of Gisborne, purple.

One of my favourite scenes from the BBC’s Robin Hood series, 2006. It turned into one of my favourite G of G paintings too. I think he was asking Maid Marian about a scarf he’d given to her.

Acrylic paints and watercolour pencils on 18 x 13cm paper, 2008. The last pic shows how I’ve played around with its hue & saturation and contrast in a computer programme. (Not PS though.)

Thoughtful Guy of Gisborne – not being considerate, just brooding.

I think I made his nose a bit too pointy in this one! Oh well, here it is anyway.

Water soluble graphite pencils on 18 x 13cm watercolour paper.

Maid Marian and her new horse.

Maid Marian receives a really splendid horse from Sir Guy of Gisborne.

Graphite pencil, acrylic paints on 18 x 13cm watercolour paper.

Isabella and Guy of Gisborne = large amounts of sibling rivaly.

Isabella and Guy of Gisborne. I don’t think they liked each other much.

2B pencil, water-soluble graphite pencil on paper, and then into Photoshop (I think, or even Corel Painter? – I did this five years ago) for putting in the background grey colour, and for some skin-smoothing, plus a bit of texture in their hair.

Guy of Gisborne painting sequence pictures.

Sir Guy of Gisborne on the Steps of Nottingham Castle.

Sir Guy of Gisborne on the Steps of Nottingham Castle.

Robin Hood painting sequence pics.

Robin Hood – Jonas Armstrong – acrylic and watercolour painting.