Professor Iain Stewart Swims with Jellyfish on Palau.

This picture is based on Professor Iain Stewart’s swim with the golden jellyfish at Palau. An amazing sight! From the BBC’s ‘Earth: The Power of the Planet.’  Acrylic paints on 46 x 60cm stretched canvas. February, 2014. I wanted to try painting an undersea scene or two a few months ago and was looking for inspiration. Around the same time, I happened to be watching ‘Earth: The Power of the Planet’, presented by Professor Stewart. There was an episode called ‘Oceans’ in which he did a fair amount of underwater swimming. The shots of him with thousands of jellyfish in Palau were spectacular. It was fun doing all the jellyfish with different amounts of light passing through their transparent bodies. The painting is on my wall now. It’s quite nice to look at because of the shades of blue.

I met Professor Stewart at UNSW Australia on July 11th, 2014. What a great lecturer and thoroughly nice person he is. He kindly autographed this cushion cover for me. Prof Iain Stewart autographed cushion.

Here’s a small water-soluble graphite pencil sketch of him I did in April 2014, with a couple of close-ups.  I used a screen-capture from one of the episodes of ‘Making Scotland’s Landscape.’ Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.3 Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.2 Prof Iain Stewart sketch. ALP, April, 2014.1

Leaving Hobbiton

Gandalf, Frodo and Sam leave their village at dawn.

Acrylic paint on a 30 x 40 cm stretched canvas, 2006.

First photo was taken while paint was still a bit wet and in artificial light. Second was photo taken in natural light when it had dried completely.